Everyday Photography Tips

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How to take better everyday photos.

How to take better everyday photos with you phone.
We get so busy trying to capture the infallible perfect photo that we often forget the important everyday photography. Everyday photography is those photos, where you don't expect a smile, but the daily look. It could be that grumpy human that woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or the mud play your children spontaneously think is the best idea they've ever had.

These two tips can help you capture memories creatively for your everyday family album.

1.Find the Light

Outside light, window light, light from an iPad/phone. The source of the light does not really matter, but identifying it and using it to your advantage does. I have a fair few favourite everyday images, that I have captured under our outside entertainment area. Why, because I have the perfect amount of light coming in from the sides and subtractive lighting directly above (elimination of direct lighting from above). Subtractive lighting can be anything from the side of a building, roof, or a shady tree. But what creates breathtaking images is the open light coming from either in front, or the side of your person. Too much backlight and the inability to control your exposure, as good as a DSLR, will only underexpose your person.

Everyday moments at the house I have also noticed the light pouring in through the window creating beautiful soft highlights and shadows on my children's faces and catch lights in their eyes. They were not planned moments or stylised sessions, they were just everyday moments where the light was just right.
Look for the areas in your house with window light and watch to see how the light comes through at different times of the day. This way you can be prepared to snap away when your kids are in those areas.

2. Let the Kids be Kids in Everyday Photography

Some days (maybe one every week) are the days that the house needs to be in order and the kids need to be properly dressed and sitting nicely on the couch. Every other day, the toys are on the floor below the bed that is rarely made. That is okay. Think back to the images from your childhood that mean the most to you. Are they the ones where everyone is sitting nicely on the couch or are they the images where you can see the appliances your mom used when she let you help bake in the kitchen? Are they the ones where nothing is out of place or are they the images where you can see that long lost Tamagotchi that makes you think of home?

In a perfect world (where nobody lives) you can sweep all the miscellaneous toys under the bed to get a shot that makes your house look like it belongs on Better Homes and Gardens (and I do think that there is a time/place for sweeping the miscellaneous stuff under the bed just for a photo). In the real world (where we all live), you can leave some of the stuff out on the counters and photograph your life just like it looks right now.


Capture those memories in the house where your family lives just for your kids. Grab the camera or phone and snap away as they lick the bowl of cake batter or jump on unmade beds and hang upside down on a couch covered in blankets and snack wrappers.

There are the days to worry about whether the kids have on matching clothes, have brushed their hair, and wait for you to set the dslr camera controls before you snap. There are other days where you should snap away with your phone after they have dressed themselves, before they brush their hair, and when they are not paying any attention to you.


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Set yourself a challenge to capture these everyday moments.

Set yourself a challenge to capture these everyday moments.