Services Overview

Can I set up a meeting with you?

Yes! I offer a free consultation to all clients, if they feel this will make their session planning easier.  In this meeting (either in person or by phone) we will discuss photo ideas, availability, start times and any questions you have.  At this time you can reserve your date by completing my booking form and payment of the session fee.  Your electronic agreement for the session will also be emailed to you for signing, with no printing/scanning required.  I am completely paperless.

Between the time of your paid booking and your session date, we can work together to personalise your experience and discuss locations.

I don’t know what to wear...

Upon payment of your creative booking fee, you will have exclusive access to my clothing vision board.  Within this vision board, you will have many colour suggestions and seasonal ideas.  Not all colours compliment each other, but this vision board will help you identify what you will already have in your closet that can be used. 


How long do I have to wait for my images?

After the session, I will proceed to edit the client worthy images.  Images are guaranteed to be uploaded to your private online gallery within 2 to 4 weeks.  From here you will be able to purchase and/or download your favourites according to your investment.


What products do you offer?

I offer several sizes of prints, canvases and albums.  The prints are mounted and ready for your favourite frame and canvases I do not image wrap.  By doing so avoids heads or hands folded around.  Instead I have a black border, adding depth to the overall colour and ensuring you see the whole image. 

* Prints are traditional highly archival photographic prints.  Laser or LED expose and printed on Kodak Endura paper which is then finished via an RA4 chemical process for longevity.

* Canvas prints on European coated 100% heavy weight cotton rag for even stretching, spray coated for long life.

* Albums are designed and ordered through 'Momento', quality to guarantee longevity.


For the All Inclusive Investment, do I get all the images?

Short answer...No.  And those culled images are left out for a reason.  No one has a need for images where there are some people who have their eyes closed or mouth half talking.  They are plainly not flattering. 

What you do get, is the best out of them all. The ones you will cherish for a lifetime.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! However please note, that you will only be able to view the watermarked images until full payment has been received. Once full payment has been received your online gallery will be unlocked and ready for you to download your images and enjoy them for a lifetime.