Golding Family

Some of the best well laid plans, do not go as expected.

This has been my most memorable session to date!  Earlier in the week I was driving around the farm, checking out my favourite spots at the time of day I would be there and if it was the best light.  That all went to plan, but the day itself... well I will be choosing to laugh at myself.

The day for this family session, my lovely clients arrived early, which was great, and I kicked off this session around my house and the beautiful garden as planned.  Then it was time to drive down the paddock.  Now I kid you not, my car was working the night before. Purring like a kitten in fact.  However, this decided to be flat.  The cause was our car fridge.  Even though it was technically off, it obviously still draws a charge.  :(
So out came the jumper leads and I am so thankful Grant took charge here, because it was a situation that was not part of my plan which bugged me to no end.  We discovered my 17year old jumper leads are useless (haha) and off I went in search for some others.  Once changed, the car started and off we went and continued the session.  There must have been a reason to all of this, because the light was absolutely perfect even though I was 20minutes late on my light schedule.  Which allowed me to produce some the best images, even if we had to move a little faster, as the sun fell below the horizon.  These are my favourite images from the session.  I am so grateful Emily and Grant saw the funny side to all of this and I am fortunate they also came early.

Sometimes everything happens for a reason and not according to plan.  We just have to go with the flow and see the funny side to life.