Why are Professional Portraits important to your business?

Not ready for a full branding session, lets start with your professional portraits!

From a start-up entrepreneur to a long standing commercial business, professional portraits and lifestyle imagery of yourself and staff, is the cherry on the top for your brand marketing.   

Not only will a polished portrait start and continue your business on the professional level, it will ensure your clients trust and take your business seriously.  Quality visual presentation will always be a make or break situation for your business.    

Whether you’re in the financial, health or public sectors, requiring first-class images, I create the look you require.  Your brand is important to me and the colour and style you have implemented, I will ensure this flows into your portrait.  As a result it will become one of your more valued assets for your web and print presence.

Do I shoot on location?

Yes!  I have a mobile set up, studio lights and backdrops (grey and ivory), so I can craft your Corporate or Lifestyle portrait in your office, business, restaurant or gym. Whatever suits you best. 

How the Professional Portrait photography process works...

A key skill of a good portrait photographer is the ability to photograph all your staff / key personnel in a cohesive manner.  I will know how to pose you expertly, to make you shine professionally.

So is the ability to return and photograph new staff or partners in the same way. This creates continuity within your website, therefore maintaining your brand’s web and print presence true to the initial vision. 

Don't underestimate the huge difference in professional portrait to the phone snaps.  In today's world, most people can tell when it is not a professional image.  And when there are several different portraits, some professional and some not, a business can appear too relaxed.    So let me help you, appear unified once more.

Hair & Makeup 

For your professional portrait, I do recommend investing in professional hair and makeup. This will give you more natural confidence for your shoot.
A few tips…
For the ladies, hair and makeup should be simple and flattering.  Semi matte makeup with a good matching foundation is a must, too much shimmer powders and bronzers will cause reflection on your face from my off camera flash.  If you are not comfortable doing your own hair and makeup, I recommend getting a hair and makeup artist to do the job.   However, be sure to advise your makeup artist it is for a photo shoot and to keep your makeup at least semi-matte. 
For the men, your needs are a lot simpler.  Bring a chapstick or lip balm to keep your lips from appearing dry, and any product you may need to touch up your hair (comb, gel).


My weekly calendar does fill up very quickly.  To see my upcoming availability, contact Susan as soon as possible.  Then when you are ready to book, don't delay, to ensure you book the date you need. 


Your Investment

Your Professional Portrait photography session starts at only $99 inc per hour.

The price includes:
Your photography session only, images purchased separately. 

Your online gallery will consist of your final images. Where you can purchase just the ones you love at $15inc each. The purchased images will be supplied in high and low resolutions and black and white. Jpeg format for versatility.

Images are delivered electronically via your online gallery within 48 hours.

I offer significant session fee discount packages for photographing several staff and team portraits done on the same day.

Book now or contact myself to chat about my Professional Portrait photography packages for multiple staff.

* Travel fees may apply separately outside of Dalby.