Hey there, I’m Susan

I am one of those true blue Dalby locals. Born and raised on the family farm just outside of Dalby and still living on the farm. Most days you can find me, at my computer adding my spark to an image or outside in my garden, pulling out those annoying weeds or thinking where to put the 99th plant I bought that I have no idea where to put.  I am most passionate about my faith in God, family, farming life and of course photographs that speak to the individual viewer in a thousand different ways.  I am known for my quick wit and a laugh that is instantly recognisable. People often refer to me as fun, easy to get along with and full of surprises.

As an experienced photographer and a legally registered and insured business, I am a member of the Dalby Chamber of Commerce. And in February 2018, I and two other great business minded ladies were honoured to give a speech at the International Women’s Day event held by the Chamber. This was terrifying yet rewarding. Towards the end of 2018, I received the Judges Choice for Home Based Business, for Dalby’s Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. This was an emotional recognition for all the hard work and soul I have poured into my little photography business. It was truly an overwhelming experience.

Being a Commercial and Personal Brand Photographer, I am proud to shoot custom designed images for businesses and personal entrepreneurs who are searching for stronger connections with their followers online.  I combine the standard commercial shoot with your personality and heart of your business, displaying your unique brand.  Capturing a powerful library of images.

I also love to create photographs for families. I am lucky to have families that value their own worth and time to invest in their photographs.  No better time than right here and right now. We should not wait for that “right” moment to invest in our family photographs. Because if we continue to wait, for whatever the reason, regrets soon grow.

My editing style is soft, yet rich, vibrant, earthy tones. Keeping your beautiful skin tone, is classic and timeless, while I enhance the natural earthy environment. To me, this is more important than the latest editing craze, that is just a passing fashion trend.
It is also important to capture true emotions and connections of my clients. It is not just a location that makes a session successful, but being able to think quick for that person’s personality and assessing the available light. Many different angles can make a boring location look spectacular. I’ve shot within dry creek beds, bare dirt paddocks, various crops, golden grass, beautiful cottage and formal gardens. So if this is something you also value and trust in your photographer’s ability, I would love to hear from you.

When I’m not busy working on my latest photography session you can catch me:

• Finally digging a hole for the 99th plant I purchased from the locally owned nursery,

• Helping out when the farm is busy, by driving a tractor or truck,

• Living the dream of the continuous pile of dirty washing to get through...haha,

• Watching a great action/drama movie...yes I am a fan of the Avengers and movies alike, plus a few great historical/period movies

• And growing two strong-willed children with my husband and living the life God has planned for me.


Still here? Great! Let’s connect!

Let me help you value yourself...

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